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Commvault benches



For the past 20 years, Commvault has experienced tremendous growth, pioneered numerous industry-shaping innovations and established itself as a respected leader in data and information management. Simply stated, they are data management done remarkably. 

Commvault’s previous office was spread over two separate floors on Liverpool Street. With the continued growth and increased market share Commvault was experiencing, it was time for them to take the business to the next level. Level 24, 207 Kent St. was the perfect space for them as it kept the office to a single floorplate and allowed for a more cohesive working environment. The design of the office tastefully reflected the Commvault brand and included creative touches like a motherboard print breakout area. 


While the project was in construction phase, we discovered a way that we could save Commvault $8,000.00! Now if TRUE didn’t stake our entire reputation on being honest, truthful and transparent we could have pocketed this savings and Commvault would have been none-the-wiser.

Fortunately for them, they appointed a different kind of construction company. We articulated this savings without a second’s hesitation. They were so impressed with our honesty and it enabled them to reinvest the $8,000 back into the project. So in the end, the client received an even better quality fitout whilst keeping right within their budget. As you can see in the pictures, this increase in quality made an incredible difference. 

The feedback received from Commvault helps support the idea that TRUE is different. The relationships we form with our clients don’t end when a project is successfully handed over. We build trust-based, long-lasting relationships. It’s one of the reasons so many clients re-engage us for future projects.

Commvault benches
Commvault Loby
Commvault common
Commvault Boardroom
Commvault Kitchen 2
Commvault Kitchen