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Dec 8, 2021 12:00:00 AM3 min read

Top 3 things to look out for when engaging a fitout specialist.

Finding the right fit-out specialist for your next location move or re-build isn’t about hiring a competent supplier, it’s about having a reliable, proven and professional business partner in your corner for every step of the process. The right partnership will go a long way to creating a highly successful workplace that will attract your staff back to the office and create a culture of success.

So to help you with selecting the right partner for your new fit-out, here are the 3 most important things to look out for when onboarding your next fit-out specialist.


Quality is essential

There is simply no substitute for quality when it comes to delivering a future-proofed fit-out for your business. When reviewing your next potential fit-out specialist, take time to review their case studies with a particular focus on the quality of work they’ve delivered on their previous projects. Delivering quality is all well and good when there is an open-ended budget, what we’re looking for is a quality fit and finish to a workplace whilst staying within the sometimes narrow parameters of their client’s budget.

Do your research
We can’t stress this enough, research, research, and research. This is the best and most thorough process of understanding the background projects, beliefs and processes of your next fit-out specialist.
Each company will run a web environment where you can do your research from a distance. Here you can research previous projects, learn more about the project team, their expertise from certain industry segments, along with in some instances, before and after images of their fit-out projects. Depending on the scale, importance and technicality of your build, move, or renovation, you may need to dive in a bit deeper. Look for social pages, feedback from the community, browse any thought leadership material they have published on LinkedIn or through company blogs that are designed to inform and educate.

Make sure you compare your shortlisted Fit-out specialists, don’t be afraid to ask for a consultation and interview in person to test how they would handle your specific project. Lastly, remember it’s not always about the company that produces the most marketing content, but more about the most meaningful and relevant content that relates to your next build.

Transparency is key
Transparency is a hugely important part of any successful business relationship. Your fit-out specialist really shouldn’t be any different. A transparent model provides comfort, instils confidence that there aren’t black holes where cash will simply disappear, and most importantly, builds trust.

When transparency is first thought of, many will go straight to the finances of a project. Whilst this is not wrong, transparency in the fit-out process extends far beyond the cost of procured services, or the fee structure applied for building works.

Transparency is a process that flows from communication and project management, to design and consultation, delay management, all the way through to leasing discussions and regulatory planning. Expect a transparent model to play an active role in your next fit-out, but this time will be well spent, as the result will be a workplace that is exactly what you want and will set your business up for future success.

Choosing the right professional fit-out team for your new office workspace may be one of the most cost and time-efficient decisions that you will make when considering the development of your future workspace.

So, if you are looking for an office fit-out specialist with the industry's best design to help you navigate the development of your post-covid work environment, get in touch and one of our specialists will assist you.

NB: Image sourced from Unsplash