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Adyen is an end-to-end platform enabling businesses to accept payments, safeguard their revenues, and gain unparalleled insights into their financial flows. Founded with the ambition to overhaul outdated payment systems, Adyen has seamlessly integrated all payment capabilities, data enhancements, and financial products into a single revolutionary solution. With over 3000 employees across 27 offices worldwide, Adyen processed an astounding €767.5 BN in 2022.



As the workforce within their company increased, so did the need for spaces conducive to innovation and collaboration. They envisaged a dynamic breakout zone in the kitchen for town hall sessions, dedicated focus sections, a demo wall strategically placed near the breakout area to showcase payment equipment, and private booths for uninterrupted calls.

Situated in the active commercial district of Surry Hills, the project had its set of challenges: ensuring harmony with ongoing operations and ensuring activities remained discreet given the proximity to a residential zone. The TRUE project delivery team ensured minimal disturbances and aligned with the company's commitment to considerate operations. Under the guidance of our in-house designer, our vision embraced Adyen’s ethos while addressing their needs. The use of sandstone became a highlight design element, paying homage to the Australian landscape, reflecting Adyen’s tribute to the cities they operate in. Rendered walls enhanced with micro cement accentuated the aesthetics. In alignment with a sustainable future, 20-30% of materials were thoughtfully reclaimed and repurposed, mirroring Adyen's forward-thinking mindset.

Adyen's journey with TRUE was marked with appreciation and constructive feedback: "The sales process was smooth; the team's transparency and responsiveness stood out. Working with the design team was delightful, and the design vision aligned perfectly with our needs. There were challenges, however, the team, especially the project delivery team were exceptional in their communication, making the entire process transparent and smooth.

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