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True Projects x 155 Clarence St (Low Res)-33



Ofload, a leading player in the logistics services industry, embarked on a fit-out journey with TRUE to create a workspace that could accommodate their rapidly expanding team. 

Their vision was to create an energizing environment that would foster collaboration, innovation, and creativity. To bring this vision to life, Ofload entrusted TRUE with the task of combining functionality, workplace flexibility, and captivating modular design elements. 



Ensuring safety was of the utmost importance throughout the fitout, TRUE ensured there was no room for compromise by meticulously planning every bit of detail with coordination and prioritising safety procedures serving as the project's guiding principles.

Upon entering the newly transformed space, one is welcomed by an abundance of natural light that effortlessly bathes both levels of the office floors. The seamless fusion of neutral tones on the walls and the elegance of hardwood flooring further enhances the overall aesthetic. The ground floor serves as the hub of stress-free collaboration. Showcasing grandeur and sophistication, the lower floor's bleachers serve as a relaxing, collaborative space. Nestled just behind the bleachers is a sleek wooden staircase adorned with glass railings, alongside which is a hidden slide that revolutionises the office atmosphere and tempts adventurousness and fun. A focal point of the ground floor is a navy-blue pool table, while an acoustic wall, artfully adorned with vibrant yellow spots, creates a visually stunning backdrop. Additionally, focus rooms and whiteboard rooms have been thoughtfully integrated to cater to diverse needs, promoting seamless idea generation and efficient communication.

Sustainability was a guiding principle throughout the fit-out process. In line with this ethos, desks and doors were repurposed, ensuring a mindful approach to minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency.

The TRUE ultimate goal was to help Ofload create an office environment that enticed employees to eagerly step into the workplace, even amidst the prevalence of remote working trends. By seamlessly blending innovative design elements with meticulously crafted functional spaces, Ofload's new office has become an electrifying and inspiring realm for boundless creativity and collaboration.

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TRUE Projects understood our needs and turned them into a genuine solution that doesn't exist in other offices. The feedback has been overwhelming. I would definitely recommend TRUE.