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MASTT Founded on the ethos of innovation and transformation, MASTT is at the forefront of the construction software landscape. With a robust portfolio, MASTT has steered over 1000 projects in just four years, aggregating to an awe-inspiring value of $30 billion. At its core, MASTT develops pioneering digital tools aimed at reshaping the construction industry, ensuring efficiency, and optimizing project financials.

MASTT, driven by the ambition to mirror its commitment to urban growth and innovation in its workspace, had clear objectives when moving into their new premises.

While Marshall Investments had already collaborated with TRUE for a speculative fit-out that resonated with MASTT's ideals, the company was keen on further personalizing the space. They appreciated TRUE's exceptional design work and were eager to take it a step further, ensuring it wholly reflected MASTT's brand and ethos.

However, staying true to their principle of financial prudence and sustainability, MASTT aimed to achieve this transformation by making impactful decisions that represent the best value for their investment.


TRUE was honoured to extend its partnership with MASTT. Leveraging our expertise, we tailored a design plan that maintained a balance between aesthetics and functionality while honouring the project's budgetary considerations.

Highlights included rejuvenated bathrooms, sleek sealed concrete floors, and spaces flooded with natural light, complemented by high ceilings. Integrated collaborative spaces were carved out to foster teamwork, while functional workstations ensured individual productivity.

The collaboration was a testament to effective planning and shared vision. MASTT's workspace transitioned into not just a reflection of their brand, but a dynamic environment that champions their relentless drive in the construction software domain.

241 Commonwealth St
241 Commonwealth St
241 Commonwealth St
241 Commonwealth St