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Immutable, a revolutionary global player in the realm of Ethereum-based gaming and digital ownership via NFTs, was facing the exciting challenge of scaling its operations. The brainchild of the Ferguson brothers and co-founder Alex Connolly, Immutable hosts a vibrant team of over 240 creative technologists, backed by influential tech investors. 

To accommodate their rapid growth and expanding ambitions, they sought to transition from their previous Surry Hills location to a new, culturally aligned office space situated in the heart of Sydney.


The brief they presented was clear and concise - Immutable needed a safe, cooperative environment that could handle its complex IT and AV needs while maintaining an atmosphere that mirrors its innovative, energetic ethos.

Stepping up to the challenge was a combined effort by TRUE and Wool + Hay, who took over the transformation of the duplex penthouse, formerly occupied by Facebook. The design centred on optimizing IT and AV infrastructure to ensure high-security measures were met. To prioritize sustainability and minimize impact on the landfill, existing furniture was repurposed, and custom joinery was introduced to suit the new environment.

The design also accommodated a breakout area on both floors, complete with a dry bar, to inspire team collaboration and facilitate relaxed Friday meetings. Their storage space got a new life as a modern podcast studio, adding an exciting new element to the workspace.

Like any transformative refurbishment, the journey wasn't without hurdles. A low-bearing wall needed reinforcement to make room for new interview spaces. The project also navigated strict time constraints, yet, thanks to efficient management, it was completed three weeks ahead of a ten-week schedule. Non-compliant areas were identified and promptly rectified to meet Australian standards and PCA regulations, mitigating potential delays and budget blowouts.


Stepping into Immutable's new headquarters is an immersion into a workspace that radiates its brand identity and creative spirit. The once vibrant colour palette of the previous occupants was replaced with a clean, minimalist design complimented with a warm and welcoming space with feature wall graphics that were incorporated throughout the fitout, which allowed Immutable's branding to take the spotlight.

This modern and functional workspace has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Immutable team, a testament to the thoughtful and comprehensive approach taken by TRUE and Wool + Hay.

In this transformation journey, every challenge was a chance to innovate and every solution, a stride towards crafting an office space that not only fulfils Immutable's operational needs but also resonates with their culture. The result is more than just a new office - it's a vibrant, secure, and inspiring workspace that truly feels like home to the trailblazing team at Immutable.

Immutable Reception
Immutable breakout
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