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Founded in 2001, IComm is an award-winning IT consultancy and integrator of unified communications, IT and cloud services across Australia. At the centre of IComm is a focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, which is critical to meeting the unique needs of their varied client base.


IComm invests countless amounts of time and money into research and development of their own meeting spaces to give customers the ability to come for a visit and experience why IComm earned Polycom’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ Award. With offices currently in North Melbourne, they wanted to expand into the Sydney market. IComm wanted a space where they could not only showcase their technology, but create a whole experience around it. 


TRUE partnered with Hot Black to design an office that delivered IComm's technology through sight, sound and even feeling. From the 16 panel AV wall in stunning HD, to the eight tvs that are strategically placed throughout the office right on to the surround sound audio encasing the entire space.

IComm also wanted to showcase a few iconic Sydney staples including Bondi Beach, SCG Stadium and Australian historic athletes. This was accomplished through stunning murals that turned plain boring white walls into photographic masterpieces.   

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200403_True Projects_Icomm & UWU_0250

The finishes and the display materials that they have enabled in the office, first class. When we first started off we weren't sure how much this was going to cost us but the budget experience with TRUE Projects was awesome. I think this office is going to really showcase us and give us a proper introduction into the Sydney market."

If I had another project to do the first person I would call would be TRUE. Cannot recommend TRUE enough!

Rob Dell