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Jan 9, 2024 12:11:23 PM3 min read

The Critical Phase - Pre-construction is a critical phase in every construction project.

Pre-construction is a critical phase in the development and delivery of any successful workspace fitout. It is an essential activity that creates a strategic and logistical plan for how the project will be delivered. This preparatory stage will be managed by your fitout partner's pre-construction team who will take the design and brief to review for accuracy, buildability, value engineering and budget adherence.

Main Elements of the Pre-Construction Planning

  1. Scope of services: Refine the project understanding, space-planning requirements, program and budget to align with the goals and vision of the project. The detailed drawings will be completed and approved to ensure that the project goes as planned and all potential needs are identified and addressed.

  2. Budget: The pre-con phase will determine and fix the overall budget. Any queries will be addressed and cost risks will be identified at this point and ensure that there are no costly surprises once the team have gone to the site to begin construction.

  3. Program: Not only will the project completion date be set, but also, deadline milestones during the build phase. As a client, you will attend regular PCG meetings to keep you informed every step of the way. Your fitout partner will highlight any potential issues and work towards a solution to ensure that the project is not affected.

  4. Team: Your construction team will be assembled by choosing delivery professionals who have relevant experience in the type of solution you wish to achieve. This team is then locked in, providing you with consistency and a main point of contact should you have any concerns or questions at any point of the project. Sub-contractors will be selected that have proven experience and have prepared competitive bid packages.

  5. Delivery Plan: As part of the pre-con stage, a delivery methodology will be created. This will cover everything from the logistics of material delivery, any statutory approvals, site preparations and careful planning to avoid any disruption to any building occupants if necessary.

  6. Site feasibility: The pre-con team will further assess your chosen premises for site conditions including electrical and hydraulic capacity and HVAC systems to ensure that they are adequate for your proposed project plan. Any issues or necessary upgrades will be anticipated at this point and factored into the final budget.


Procurement & Value-Engineering

A significant element of the pre-construction stage is the process of value engineering. By definition, value engineering aims to help the client improve efficiency and decrease operating costs. In basic terms, ensuring the optimum value for each dollar spent.

  • Although value engineering began as a cost-saving measure, it has become a valued project management technique that can cover all aspects of the building lifecycle from the initial internal construction through to the sustainability of sourced materials. The market and procurement knowledge of your fitout partner and their network of suppliers and contractors will allow you to obtain the best value pricing and solutions for your project.

  • All procurement components of the project will be competitively market-tested on a granular basis by examining the fine details of your work package.

  • This value engineering exercise ensures that your design direction and concept are retained while ensuring that you receive the most cost-effective delivery solution and value for money. Once scrutiny and each subcontractor is complete and costs are agreed, each works package will be let as a fixed lump sum contract, and these costs are tracked and reported regularly to the client.


Risk Mitigation

Pre-construction is the time to thoroughly assess and plan to mitigate risks associated with constructing the project.

Pre-construction activities include refining the design, establishing timeline expectations, providing cost estimates, and troubleshooting any potential construction issues. This stage also involves securing all subcontractors and materials to identify any long lead-time items that may affect the program and ensure the competitive pricing and availability of the necessary subcontractors.

The pre-construction phase is undoubtedly an essential element of the project fitout. It provides the necessary tenancy and building due diligence and will address any challenges before the construction begins on site. The process will negate any risks, unexpected costs or delivery delays; simply put, this phase is critical to the overall success of the delivery.

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