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Feb 28, 2023 12:00:00 AM3 min read

How moving isn't always the answer!

When approaching a lease end in your current commercial tenancy, the decision must be made whether it is more advantageous to renew your lease or commence the search for a new office.

Since the pandemic, there is no doubt that businesses are re-assessing their space requirements considering the rise of remote and hybrid work models. However, recent client sentiment in the market has shown that less space is not necessarily the answer. Choosing a retrofitting approach as opposed to relocation can develop a space that is both more efficient and productive.

The process of retro-fitting an office is to use the expertise of a fitout partner and workspace designer to audit and analyse the current space, and to advise how changes to space planning, technology and built environment can re-focus the environment into a more productive area to support employees and attract them to work in the office.


A successful hybrid workspace should be designed to recharge and reconnect people while maintaining the safety and well-being of employees. First and foremost, you may consider making changes to health considerations such as distanced work settings, no-touch elevators and entries and additional sanitisation stations. These small changes will ease the minds of those employees who choose to work remotely due to safety considerations.


Through a process of workplace strategy and analysis, your fitout partner can identify the main requirements of each team, how the layout can be adjusted to support their specific tasks and how they collaborate with other departments in the business. This process is combined with an analysis of shared services, social spaces and built environments. More often than not, meetings do not require complete privacy, therefore furniture/zoning solutions such as movable flexible furniture and tech-enabled casual meeting areas can negate the need for a permanent built environment such as enclosed meeting rooms and offices. These ‘bump’ zones can also double as social settings to encourage informal interactions and connection. The use of flexible solutions will allow businesses to adapt their space if there is a period of growth or contraction without significant cost implications.


One of the most important factors when upgrading your office for the future of work is to consider what technology is needed to support a hybrid workforce and keep them connected no matter where they are working. Tech-enabled settings and improvements to video-conferencing are essential and can be applied to any existing workspace.


A retrofit can also provide the ideal opportunity to improve sustainability and energy efficiency and create a space that supports employee wellbeing. Simple changes such as re-positioning the workstations to the building perimeter to ensure staff have access to natural light and views can positively affect employee happiness and well-being.


Regarding your company’s carbon footprint, one of the enormous benefits of refurbishing an existing building is that the materials and energy used to construct it are not lost on demolition. A core principle of the circular economy is to increase the longevity of a building and tenancies with planning. The reuse of the built environment and furniture/fittings will have an undeniably positive impact on the environment.


Further upgrades to the office basics can have a significant effect including elements such as the use of longer-lasting LED sensor-activated lighting for energy saving is a good start. Improvements to HVAC such as ventilation and air-conditioning may require an initial cost layout but will save money on operational fees throughout your lease.

Speak with the team at True Projects if you are approaching a lease end and facing the stay-or-go decision. Any honest and transparent fitout partner will walk you through the implications of committing to a relocation or workspace retrofit.

It cannot be underestimated how significant the impact on employee productivity and business efficiency can be by simply re-focussing how your environment is configured to support your team.

Talk to us now about how you can retrofit your current office, we’re always happy to guide our clients on the best solution.