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Sep 27, 2021 12:00:00 AM4 min read

Everything you need to know to start your office journey.

You’ve decided to create a new look and feel for your business, and a new office fit-out is on the horizon. It’s an exciting time for a business, but also one that takes a lot of planning, coordinating, and strategy to create exactly what you’re looking for.

So, to help with your future business planning here is everything you need to kick off your new office journey.

Create a vision

Starting with a vision or strategy for what you want is a great way to plan for success. Take into consideration what your staff require from a modern workspace, its location, the cost associated with that location, how frequently clients will be attending the premises and do they need to be catered for.

Create a timeline

The timeline for when you want this space delivered is vital to your own succession, planning and budget. Ensure that you start with a solid and inclusive structure of what you want, and consult heavily with your fit-out specialist. Always allow for a certain percentage of project creep, as you’ll discover more about what you want as a business with time, however managing this is vitally important to keeping budget and cost structures under control.


Create a budget

Cost is a huge factor, and one of the strongest influencers when it comes to final concept sign-off. Make sure that your vision and budget are aligned, by working with your fit-out specialist from the early stages. Take into consideration the size of your fit-out, location and also the long-term sustainability of the office space.

Contractor Selection

The selection of your design and fit-out specialist is one of the most important you’ll make.

Research, research and more research is the key to finding the company that best aligns with your organisation’s ethos and beliefs. The right fit-out specialist will work with you from concept to delivery, and every step in between. Having a solid and trusting partnership will go a long way to delivering you a workspace that meets and exceeds all your expectations.


When working through the briefing process, ensure you take into consideration your parameters around budget, location, deadline and most importantly, your measurement for success. Your workplace fit-out specialist can work with you through the briefing process in a collaborative way to ensure both parties get the details they need.


Building search and Lease negotiations

You know what you want, and where you want to be, now you need to find the ideal place to bring it all together. There is a wide range of commercial real estate websites available where you can search for properties in the area you want to be located. Many of these websites will allow you advanced tool functions to narrow down the searches to properties of size, type and price that fit your requirements. However, engaging your fit-out specialist early in this process will assist greatly in time management at this stage. Additionally, if you have a property specialist as part of your fit-out team, they can then assist you through the leasing negotiations once you’ve settled on a space to develop.


All construction will be managed through your selected fit-out specialist. Check if your chosen vendor has relevant experience in workplace construction, accreditation for quality, and compliance with the latest regulations. Ensuring your fit-out specialist is qualified to handle your project is vital to getting a quality final product that meets all building regulations and is a safe environment for your staff and clients.

Workplace Consultancy

Continuing that collaboration with your fit-out team, your contracted specialist should advise on ways to improve and foster an environment of efficiency and productivity within your new workspace. Work-place consultant specialists are a wonderful way to show that the space you’ve designed takes into consideration the business needs, but also caters for staff requirements in a post-covid work environment. When selecting your fit-out partner, enquire as to their services in workplace performance consulting.

Zone Planning and Test Fits

To ensure that the planning of both the central designers and workplace consultants integrate seamlessly within the architecture, zone planning and test fits are undertaken by your fit-out team. Make sure you involve yourself in the process to ensure that the layout and fit that is planned meet all your daily operational needs.

Furniture and finish

Throughout the design and consultation process, you will digitally review the selected workplace furniture locations, flick through fabrics, swatches or even sample physical products. It’s an exciting time when all your hard work gets delivered as a finished end product, a first chance to see in person the design come to life. The end results should be in direct correlation to the digital designs and signed off final works, this includes desk placements, technology, public areas, along seating and facilities.
Handover and Maintenance
Ensure when receiving a handover for your new workspace that you are supplied with all O&M manuals, maintenance requirements for supplied equipment, test and compliance certificates, all approval documentation, and workspace drawings both in printed format and digitally that can be kept on file.
 Fitting out your new office is not a process that is undertaken regularly, nor is it a simple task if you don’t have the right support and partnership. Download our checklist to get you started or if you are looking for an office fit-out specialist to help you navigate the development of your post-covid work environment, contact us.
*Image Sourced from Unsplash